Intro to oils

What are Essential Oils and Why Doterra?
Essential Oils are natural compounds which are extracted from plants - stems, roots, flowers, etc. The oils I use are DoTerra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. They are third party tested which is extremely rare in this industry. Because of that, I know I am getting the purest and most potent essential oils.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How To Relieve A Headache

Why do we get headaches?  It's usually a blood flow problem.  But really all we want to know is how do we get rid of a headache without having to take ibuprofen, aspirin and other medications that are hard on your liver and stomach.  I love warning labels on these bottles, they are hilarious.  But that's another discussion, let's get down to the giving people relief.

If you you get frequent headaches or migraines the best thing is the Life Long Vitality Pack.  It brings the body to balance and helps reduce inflammation that could be causing these headaches.

Oils that help headaches:

Past Tense (my favorite but some people don't like the smell)
Deep Blue

How to APPLY OILS FOR HEADACHES:  This step is crucial to finding relief.  Do not apply once and think oh it didn't work, I'm heading for the advil.  Reapply!

Step 1:  apply to back of neck, temporal artery (the artery right above the ear close to where glasses would rest), some people like to apply to temples and forehead (for me that's too much but I rarely get headaches)
Step 2:  In 30 seconds Assess the degree of the headache, has it decreased at all.
Step 3:  In 2 minutes if it does not feel better either reapply the same oil or pick one of the oils mentioned above and try that one.
Step 4:  Repeat the process until desired outcome!  Which of course is headache free!

Now go get rid of that headache the right way!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Bazaar - Get your shopping done all in one place

Country Club at Valley View

Make your holiday shopping fun and easy!

Participating Vendors:
Avon, Bumble & Bee Accessories, Pam Cakes Wood Carving,
Creations By Tim Jewelry, doTerra Essential Oils, Gold Canyon Candles, Island Shai Connection, It's Spiritual,  Jamberry Nails, Mary Kay,
Origami Owl, Pampered Chef, Paparazzi Jewelry, Scentsy,
Tastefully Simple, Velata Chocolate, and MORE!

Saturday, December 1st
9:00 a.m. -- 1:00 p.m.
Country Club at Valley View Senior Apartments
1400 S. Valley View Blvd.
Between Charleston and Sahara
Admission is Free!

Please call 702-878-6266 for more information

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sugar Overload!

With all the candy, parties, cakes, cookies and sugar we seem to get this time of year our systems are on overload.  So what can we do about it besides avoiding all of the sweets?

Well first at least limit the amount of sweets you or your loved ones have.  The Halloween Witch visits us every Halloween night and gathers most (not all because I don't think my kids would look forward to Halloween at all if they knew they weren't going to get anything) of their candy and leaves a present in it's place.  We also like to do science experiments with the candy as well.  We see which ones dissolve quickest, how they handle the microwave, etc.  Sugar weakens the immune system allowing the body to get sick.   Not to mention it throws off our digestive track, our focus, and everything in between.  I know, I love sweets also so what can we do to help our immune systems deal with the overload.

1.  PB Assist:  About 70% of our immune system is in our digestive tract.  We need to keep it healthy and have the healthy flora in there.  PB Assist is a probiotic that actually gets into your digestive tract to help build the healthy flora.  It is designed to make it through the stomach acid, deliver some to the small intestine and additional amounts to the large intestine.  This is by far the best probiotic on the market.  Most of the ones you buy at the health food store are destroyed in the stomach with the stomach acid.

2.  Terrazyme:  This is an enzyme that will break down all of the junk you eat but also help to break down the things that are just sitting there.  Try taking one on an empty stomach, don't eat after 7:30 pm and take one before bed.  Terrazyme breaks down things.  If it doesn't have food to break down it will go and find other things, that the body doesn't need, to break down.

3.  Digestzen:  Take in a capsule, on bottoms of feet, or rub over abdomen.  If there stomach is already hurting continue to do it until it stops hurting or switch with peppermint.  I give it to my kids as preventative, and to help them keep moving all the "stuff" through.

4.  Some additional oils that are great for the digestive tract are:  ginger, melaleuca, clove, peppermint, and lemon.

5.  Make sure the lymphatic system is draining correctly and things are getting all clogged up!

Happy Halloween!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Use Essential Oils, instead of . . .

When my kids were sick I would try everything and very few things worked.   And I hated giving them stuff that was full of chemicals that didn't even work.  I'm not against modern medicine but if there is a natural alternative that actually works I am doing that first so that my kids don't have to worry about liver disease, stomach lining being eaten away, kidney disease, paralysis, or even DEATH, etc.  (I laugh every time I hear the side affects for medicines - you won't have one symptom but you will possibly have a slew of others)

That's why I love Essential Oils!!

I don't have to worry about giving Essential Oils to them.  The side effects of EO's (essential oils) are a healthy body! A healthy liver, making the body be alkaline, cleansing the toxins out of our system, etc.  HMMMM!  Let me think, yeah I'd rather have those.

So here are a few things that someone can try instead of over the counter medications:

Instead of . . .                             Use this . . .

Allergy Med's                            lemon, lavender, peppermint (I like another combo, too)
Cough Syrup                               frankincense, peppermint on throat, or breathe and aromatouch 
                                                    around neck and ears for draining.  There are a lot of reasons why
                                                    we cough.  Figure out yours and it makes it easier, ie.  is it coming
                                                    from your chest, is it from post nasal drip, etc.
Croup (seal cough)                    Lemon, cassia, myrrh in coconut oil on a spoon to coat the throat
Antacid                                       Lemon under tongue, or lemon and peppermint under tongue and 
                                                    swallow, or digestzen under tongue and swallow
Decongestant                             Rosemary or breathe on the bridge of the nose and on the feet 
                                                    right under the toes.  For babies put on the bottoms of their feet
                                                    and massage it in, then put on socks.
Headache reliever                     Any of the following oils put on back of neck, temporal artery, and 
                                                    forehead:  Past Tense, Lavender, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Deep 
                                                    Blue, or Frankincense


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Intestinal Issues

Education is "Essential" when you are taking control of your own health!

With so many of us so busy and not able to attend all of the educational opportunities that we would like, I thought I would provide a way for you to learn in the comfort of your home or wherever you might be.
If we continue to do the same thing we have been doing for years, we should expect the same results that we have gotten for years.  If we want to change our health then we need to change what we have been doing.

Stomach/Intestinal Issues

Why do people insist on living with pain and discomfort.  Most intestinal issues are caused from inflammation (it doesn't really matter what name you give it, it is the same).  For years I dealt with instestinal discomfort and constipation.  But then I found essential oils.  The first time I used digestzen, I rubbed in on my abdomen, and within 30 seconds my pain was gone.  I attribute it to several factors: 1.  The oils work fast, and 2.  My skin right there is tissue paper thin from so many children so the oils didn't have to go through a lot of layers.  Although my children will use oils too and have results that work that fast as well.

Long Life Vitality Pack:  This was the most beneficial for my overall health but also for the inflammation I experienced.  Now I no longer have any intestinal discomfort, constipation gone (and now completely regular), mestrual cramps that used to last 3-4 days now only lasts 3-4 hours if I don't use any oils.  Even if you have no intestinal discomfort or issue the LLV is packed with nutrients, antioxidants, etc. that our bodies need.

Terrazyme:  I love terrazyme.  If I had IBS, Crohns, any type of intestinal inflammation I would not ever go without at least 3 terrazyme a day.  One before each meal and honestly I would probably take two.  This would do wonders for helping the intestines to heal.  It's primary function is to break down foods so that our bodies can use them and turn it into energy.  Truthfully you could live just off the terrazyme for a while because of the nutrients packed into it.  It breaks our food down into useable energy.  It has a lot of other benefits also.  Some have seen it reduce their cholesterol, reduce bloating, repair nerve damage (basically the body is getting the nutrients to heal itself), etc.  I have tested this with bread.  I like bread  but it sure bloats me like nothing else.  Well if you eat a lot of bread take a terremzye and you might just eat some more bread.

Constipation/bloating/inflammation:  I have had a lot of experience with this and LLV is my number one recommendation.  Secondly, I drink a lot of water in the morning before I eat anything.  For inflammation and discomfort I rub digestzen on my abdomen or peppermint.  In a capsule I could put digestzen, ginger, peppermint but I haven't needed to.  Someone I know has painful discomfort from inflammation in her abdomen and she uses cinnamon bark.  Cinnamon Bark and Cassia soothes the inflammed intestine.  Peppermint will also work.  Experiment with it because everyone is different.  Every body needs something different but with so many oils at our disposal it is wonderful.

Ulcers:   These can be really painful and how nice to have some relief that will benefit the entire body.  3-4 drops of digestzen, clove and peppermint in a capsule.  4-5 drops each of oregano and lemongrass in a capsule.

Upset stomach:  When I was a kid and I had a stomach ache my mom said, "I'm sorry do you want me to wave my magic wand?"  Well I have, not a magic wand but something better.  Digestzen and/or peppermint, rub it on the abdomen, feet or take internally.  Sometimes I make my kids put lavendar over their heart, on the back of their neck and on their feet.  I do that because sometimes they have worked themselves up so much that they just need to relax.

Vomiting:  I know that vomiting is the bodies natural way of getting something out that shouldn't be there but if I could kill what was ever in there in the first place and avoid the vomiting that is fantastic.  Clove, Clove, Clove!  I love clove.  If someone has been sick I fill us all up on clove.  It helps to keep germs from spreading.  If I have a child that is vomiting I will give them 4 drops of clove.  Rub digestzen on their stomach as well as ginger, melaleuca, and peppermint.  I will repeat this about every 4-6 hours, until they are feeling better.  I notice huge relief when I use the oils.

Diarrehea:  Digestzen externally and internally.   Huge relief. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Favorite Doterra Products!

I have been using some of the other products that Doterra has and I absolutely love them.  I thought I'd share in case someone is like me and doesn't want to try something without knowing it will work.

Some of my favorite Doterra Products that are not oils:

Doterra On Guard Toothpaste - it is fabulous.  So my darling husband has not gone to the dentist in 2 years. We started using the toothpaste about 8-9 months ago.  He recently went to the dentist and not only had no cavaties but no plaque build up either.  The dentist and hygienist couldn't believe it.  They kept saying, "I'm not getting anything."  My husband doesn't even floss so that's saying something.  Also it doesn't have any of the nasty ingredients that regular toothpaste has.  It's great for the whole family.  In fact, my kids won't use anything else.  And it tastes great, too.

Terrazyme - Not only does the terrazyme help break down your food which enables you to digest, process, and absorb nutrients more effectively, it makes you feel great especially when you have over eaten, or eaten something that you are intolerant to.  Enzymes are necessary for growth, healing, and reproduction.
The terrazyme gives us the enzymes our bodies need, that we just don't get in our diets.  It helps with skin issues like eczema, rashes, dryness, etc.

PB Assist - It's a probiotic and I feel that it's the best one.  Most probiotics are lost in the stomach but Doterra has a uniquely designed pill that opens in 2 different locations.  One opens in the stomach and the other in the intestinal track which is where you need it to replace the good flora.  I trust Doterra because everything they do it 100%.  They don't settle.

I have more but I'll talk about those later.

Happy Healthy Oiling!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why Settle? Take charge of your Health!

Lately, I have been watching some people struggle with their health and having to go to doctors quite frequently.  They seem to be satisfied with what the doctors tell them.  Basically it's "We don't know what it is and we are not sure how to help you.  But we will run a bunch of test, have you come and pay co-pay after co-pay, along with your 20%, give you some medication to see if it works, and when it doesn't we will start this process all over again."  I'm not saying that all cases are like this, it just seems to be happening around me now.  It boggles my mind that some will take this and think that this is okay.  To me it's not.  The body was created to heal itself.  If you give it the proper tools it can do just that.  It may take time and some experimenting but really how long did it take your body to get the way it is?  It didn't just happen over night.  It was years and years of bad habits.  So some are okay with the experimenting from doctors with harsh drugs that come with so many harsh side effects but who cares a doctor gave it to them.

Why not take something that's organic, that blends with our body, that can really get to the source of the issue and give it a try.  And by a try I don't mean once and when it doesn't miraculously heal decide it doesn't work.   You gave the doctors, and the medications more chances then that.  One thing I've learned is that if you don't become and active participant in your own healing process then it will be a long arduous and maybe tragic end.  I prefer the latter.  Take charge.  Help your body heal itself.

Obviously I love the oils.  My life is so much better because of them.  I've used herbs and I like those as well but the oils are special and have proven themselves over and over again.  So as I'm "experimenting" on myself with the oils, I am also cleansing my blood, liver, etc.

Oil Tip:

Drink Lemon in your water everyday.  It helps your body to become alkaline and illness cannot live in an alkaline state.  It's one of the easiest things you can do.  You can also try wild orange, grapefruit, lime, any citrus.  My personal favorites:  wild orange and grapefruit mixed. . . yummy!